Guitarism on "Electric Guitar Days" of Ankara

Hi everyone,

As i've said before i had a seminar in Ankara as a part of the organisation called "Electric Guitar Days" by Hacettepe University Alternative Music Society. Well, i had a very nice seminar about electric guitar modifications. I devided the concept behind "modifications" into three; "Tonal Modifications", "Functional Modifications" and "Aesthetic Modifications". What i've mentioned were tremolo block modifications, saddle modifications, pickup swaps, pickup modifications including magnet swap, neck modifications including fingerboard modifications, scalloping, fret changes etc. etc. 

At the last part of my seminar i had a Nash S-57 demo section which was great. Audience approved ;)

Other than me some friends were there on stage; Dr.Barlo and Emre Balkan of Alen Geere Effects were there to do their own seminar topics. 

Dr.Barlo played Nash S-57 with Joy

At the end of the seminars

After seminars, we went to the sponsor studio called "Retro Studios" and let everyone to try out what we had;


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