8 Aralık 2011 Perşembe

Guitarism at Hacettepe Unv. Activity "Electric Guitar Days"

Guitarism at Hacettepe Unv. Activity "Electric Guitar Days"

Hey there,

Hacettepe University Alternative Music Club presents a great organisation is named "1# Electric Guitar Days". There are respectable guest speakers including myself. Dr.Mehmet Barlo of www.gitarpedal.net, Emre Balkan from Alen Geere Effects (w/ young talent Ozgur Cali) and the royal we ;)  

My topic is : "Modifications on Electric Guitars 2.0"
And subheadings:

  • "Tone" Term and Depending Parameters
  • "Modification" Term
  • Modification Suggestions on Strats, Teles, Les Pauls and Several Superstrats
  • Electric Guitar Pickups: Introduction and Common Types
  • FAQ & Well-known wrongs...
  • Questions
  • Nash S-57 Demostration
Hope we can meet there ;)



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