Vox Lil’ Looper Review

The newly announced Vox Lil’ Looper is a very compact, exciting little effects pedal and from the moment I saw it I wanted to get my hands on it. With a dual-pedal design its main function is to record and overdub loops so the guitarist or singer can create harmonies with themselves. This is by no mean a unique feature and it enters the market in which there are many intense competitors but the Lil Looper has some definitive features that make it stand out amongst the rest. Loop Quantize features, infinite sound on sound layering and a well-specified effects unit, to name a few. Vox appear to have made a very impressive pedal here.

Big things come in small packages. The Lil Looper’s compact size comes with the obvious advantages that its easy to transport and suitable for all playing environments, from home practicing to live performances. Its this versatility that will prove a huge selling point, that it can be trusted with anything you can throw at it. A cool feature is the ability to connect you’re headphones which allow you to practice quietly at home or perhaps on the go. 

Inside the Lil Looper’s compact chassis lies an array of exciting features. Its capable of recording up to 90 seconds of audio through two independent loops and an unlimited number of takes can be overdubbed. You can then create unique and complex tones to you’re specification by switching between different chord patterns. A great feature to the perfectionist such as myself an undo/redo button is included so you can make sure you get the perfect take. Like I’ve mentioned the Quantize feature allows samples to be created that automatically synchronise and loop on the beat, it also allows two loops to be matched at the same tempo.

The Lil’ Looper’s on-board effects unit gives even more creative potential. It has 12 effects that simulate acoustic or bass guitar. It’s capable of producing a variety of guitar tones such as the standard Crunch, Distortion, Comp and chorus but also allows you to manipulate vocals in an equally impressive manner. Watch the video below for a great example of this.

Unfortunately its small size doesn’t come with a small price tag and despite its great functionality for me it would be a tough decision to others in that price range. There is no doubting that this is an awesome effects pedal but for £300 it’s worth looking around first. But watch this video and see some of its potential and see what you think.

Simple design allows effortless looping performances with killer effects! The new Lil' Looper – ideal for both guitar and vocal/mic performances as well

  • Intuitive dual pedal design
  • Record for a total of 90 seconds on two independent loops
  • Overdubbing with Undo/Redo
  • Add infinite layers with SOS recording capabilities
  • Loop Quantize:
  • Creates phrases that automatically loop on the beat
  • Sync two loops to the same tempo
  • 12 Effects
  • Pedal: Comp, Crunch, Overdrive, Distortion
  • Modulation: Chorus, Phaser, Mod Delay; Stutter
  • Simulation: Acoustic, Bass, Radio, Pitch
  • Built-in metronome/rhythm guide
  • Headphone output with metronome only mode
  • Switch between Guitar input & Balanced Mic (1/4") input
  • Battery power (AA x 6) or optional AC power adapter
  • Optional VFS2 can turn effects on/off, stops loops, or erase a phrase
VOX Lil' Looper Specificaitons

Effects:12 Total
Pedal: Comp, Crunch, Overdrive, Distortion
Modulation: Chorus, Phaser, Mod Delay; Stutter
Simulation: Acoustic, Bass, Radio, Pitch
Maximum recording time: Total of 90 seconds
Number of loops: 2
Audio Input: Phone plug type x 1
Switch : GUITAR (Monaural: Unbalanced) / MIC (Monaural: Balanced)
Audio Output: Line Out (Monaural, 1/4"), Headphone (Stereo, 1/8")
EXTERNAL Control Input: FOOT SW x 1
Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
Dynamic Range: ≥ 94 dB
Maximum input level: Guitar =  +7.0 dBu (typ.), Mic   = -34.0 dBu(typ.)
Power supply: AA alkaline battery x 6, (Option) AC Adapter
Battery life: Approximately 7 hours
Current consumption: 175 mA
Dimensions (W x D x H): 165 × 144 × 62 mm / 6.49 x 5.67 x 2.44 inches
Weight: 722 g / 25.47 Oz.
Included items: AA alkaline battery x 6 for verifying operation
Options: VFS2 Foot switch, AC Adapter (DC9V)

Steven Williams 2012

PS: Please welcome to new contributor author of Guitarism, Steven Williams. He's played acoustic for about 10 years and electric for about 7. He currently works in a music shop so he get to play a lot of new gear which is a great perk for him. He also loves writing about guitars so writing about gear is a passion of him. 


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