Rotosound Launch Guitar and Bass String Cleaners

Rotosound is proud to launch its new, patented string cleaner for guitar and bass. This unique tool has a revolutionary 360° degree cleaning process that revitalises your strings, helping to maintain that crisp new sound.

Cleaning strings has never been so easy. Simply open the Rotosound String Cleaner, slide it underneath the strings, close and secure it and slide it back and forth. It only takes a few seconds and cleans all the strings and the fretboard at the same time. 

The microfibres of the pads in the Rotosound String Cleaner get into all the nooks and crannies of the strings and removes dead skin, dirt, oil, and other debris and contaminates on them. There is no need to use any solutions or chemicals that could cause your fingerboard to dry out or ruin the finish of your guitar. The microfibre pads are easy to maintain, simply wash them in warm water with a little liquid soap making the Rotosound String Cleaner very environmentally friendly.

Regular use each time you play your guitar will ensure your strings last three or four times longer, keep your strings neat, tidy and shiny and preserve the tone. It certainly beats buying a new set of strings every few weeks.

The Rotosound Guitar String Cleaner (GSC1, RRP £12.95 inc.vat) is suitable for all guitars; the Rotosound Bass String Cleaner (BSC1, RRP £17.95 inc.vat) is suitable for four and five string basses. Both are small enough to keep in your guitar case, ready to use after every play to ensure optimum performance.

The Rotosound String Cleaner is the no hassle, no mess way to clean you guitar and bass strings, small investment with a big return.

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