New Pedals from AMT

Well respected Russian pedal maker AMT have two new model to improve your tone; AMT WH-1 and AMT "CHAMELEON CAB" CN-1


AMT WH-1 is an optical version of a classic "WAH-WAH" effect with bandpass filter range selection (3-way switch). Optical frequency control increases the service life of the effect eliminating frequent replacements of maintenance and replacement of the control potentiometer.

AMT WH-1 features low noise and expanded frequency tuning range due to the use of original JFET-based circuit design. AMT WH-1 boasts great versatile sound and processes both clean guitar sound and Ultra high gain overdrive equally well. AMT WH-1 features:

• 100% analog WAH-WAH effect;
• Fixed switching among bandpass filter ranges: 0.2-1kH, 0.3-1,5 kH, 0.4-2kH;
• True bypass;
• Fixed effect selection by pressing the movable front end part of the pedal;
• Removable support feet (the option is useful when you install the AMT WH-1 on the pedal board);
• Effect monitoring by using blue LEDs on both pedal sides (visible engaged AMT WH-1 mode);
• AMT WH-1’s steel heavy body is stable and confidently responds to foot control;
• Adjustable pedal movement by means of an axial screw;
• Powered by DC adapter or 9-12V 9V battery;
• Low power consumption;
• Small size: 110mm \ 62mm \ 58mm (fits easily into your guitar case);
• Weight (without battery) 0.45 kg.

Guitar Cabinet Emulator

Historically the use of tube amplifier loaded on the speaker system with one or several special guitar-intended speakers for guitar channel has been a standard. The frequency response of such a system is much more limited in frequency range compared to broadband acoustic systems used in home stereo systems or headphones. The main feature of a "guitar" speaker is the lack of high frequencies (above 5 kHz) because the distorted (overloaded) sound of the guitar is very unpleasant when you play it via broadband loudspeakers.


AMT «CHAMELEON» CN-1 is designed to simulate the limited frequency response of guitar speakers picked by a microphone that lets you play distorted guitar sound using broadband acoustic systems.

The features of the simulator AMT «CHAMELEON» CN-1

universality based on the broad possibilities offered by parameters controls;
complexity of the simulation, since the characteristics of the virtual cabinet are emulated within the power-cabinet-microphone chain.

Connection of external audio devices (MP3 player, etc.) for guitar practice. The use of devices similar to AMT «CHAMELEON» CN-1 is, as a rule, is a forced measure, due to the circumstances restricting the freedom of guitar equipment choice. Since to completely reproduce the entire sound palette of real guitar speakers and tube amplifiers you can only need a real guitar system.
Due to many factors the absolute sound identity of the simulation is practically unattainable; in case of AMT «CHAMELEON» CN-1 we can only say about close approximation. But given the wide opportunities of CN-1 whose parameters can give you satisfactory sounds, and in cases where the use of a real system, for whatever reasons, is impossible or impractical.

Connecting mp3 player or a metronome to AUX and headphones to PHONE, you can immerse yourself in individual practice without disturbing people around you.


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