Ibanez Releases Limited EVO Replica

Ibanez Jem-Evo 25th Anniversary

Hi Folks,

I, sometimes, like to say "i told you so". Ibanez did excatly what i suggested for a few time ago on jemsite! They got a reliced replica jem of Steve Vai to built to Sugi Guitars.

It can clearly seemed its pretty close to well-known Steve Vai guitar named EVO that has many dings, scratchs, alterations and even a huge neck crack (this crack is simulated on this replica). Not truely as same as EVO like Fenders masterbuilder John Cruz did on Malmsteens "Duck" or "Play Loud" Strat. It was just as same as what Yngwie has. But spesifications and craftmanship are awesome as i can see. Ibanez trademark treaded fret ends, hi grade woods are breath taking.

Ibanez announced that EVO replica will be produced limited run of 100. Each guitar will be signed by Steve Vai and price will be (RRP) about $10000... Wanna see more?
Rich from Ibanez Rules says;

JEMEVO - EVO is arguably the most iconic JEM of all and has been Steve's first choice for recording and touring since 1993. It has recently been retired to the studio to save it from road demolition, but is about to be resurrected from the grave. Steve will be getting a new EVO, and 100 more will find their way into the hands of those willing to drop the coin. The 25th Anniversary of the JEM will be celebrated by exacting recreations of the most recognized JEM in history. Built by Sugi, these will also be the finest JEM's built to date, and as true to the originals as possible, right down to "reproducing" the neck joint crack that has sent her into retirement. [It is just simulated, there will be no worry your EVO will break into 2 pieces!!}. Steve will be signing the back of each "Steve Vai - 1 of 100", and writing "EVO" beside the claw, just like the original. The necks will bear the correct serial number sticker of the original, as Sugi impresses the actual serial numbers into the end of the fretboard. I miss the green "KNOX" tape on the neck pickup from previous tours, but it is a recreation of EVO as it is currently and not from any other recognizable previous incarnation. 
Exact recreation of EVO's current neck
430mm Radius Rosewood board
21st through 24th frets scalloped
18mm 1st - 20mm 12th fret
43mm nut width - 56mm last fret
Warmoth 6105 Frets
Alder body with basswood laminate
Edge bridge
Dimarzio Evolution neck p/u
Dimarzio Custom mid p/u
Dimarzio Evolution bridge p/u
Mixed color hardware exactly like EVO
WH - White - Relic
Limited to 100 worldwide
List price $10370.36, includes special case and case candy

Note: Last four photos taken from i heart guitar blog


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