Lollar Pickups Presents New Humbucker Model El Rayo

Pickup guru Jason Lollar announces his new humbucker model "El Rayo". 

Jason speaks about this humbucker;
Yes, it's a humbucker, but probably not what you'd expect. "El Rayo" (The Thunderbolt) is tight and punchy, with a high end that opens up when pushed, and lows that stay defined and fat. Very clear and articulate, they are extremely responsive to your volume control and picking dynamics. Wanna mix the "Rayo" with single coils? We would. Also, don't be fooled by the DC numbers... El Rayo has a strong output without the heavy midrange bump, while still retaining the Lollar "3D" quality. Don't like humbuckers? Think again. A5 in the neck, A8 in the bridge, singles or sets.
The DC Resistance values are 3.5K for the neck and the 4K for bridge model. It may seem to be too low but Jason warns us not to get fooled.

I dont know you but i am very curious about this new set...

Want to hear?

• Bridge only, clean
• Neck & bridge, clean
Neck only, clean
Bridge only, dirty
Neck & bridge, dirty
Neck only, dirty

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You can also read more on PG, too.


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