24 Fret SG from Gibson

Gibson announces the first 24 fret SG model; SG Standart 24

Product Features;
Solid Mahogany body with Ebony finish
Bound Rosewood fingerboard with acrylic trapezoid inlays
Slim, fast neck profile
Mini-Humbucking pickup in the neck and full-sized Tony Iommi Signature humbucking pickup in the bridge
Grover™ kidney button tuners with 14:1 tuning ratio

The Official Gibson site says;

The Gibson SG has been a rock icon ever since its introduction in 1961 as the temporary replacement for the single-cutaway Les Paul Standard. The Les Paul returned, but the SG was already a force in its own right, and has remained in production ever since. In the hands of everyone from Carlos Santana to Angus Young to Tony Iommi to Derek Trucks, the sleek, light SG has proved its power and versatility time and time again. Now Gibson USA presents a creative new twist on the format in the AMS SG Standard 24, a guitar that retains all the radical design elements of the breed—the double-cutaway styling and dramatic asymmetrical pointed "horns," select tonewoods, and superb playability—while adding bonuses for the contemporary player in the form of a 24-fret fingerboard and two high-performance pickups, a hot Tony Iommi humbucker in the bridge, and a Mini-Humbucker in the neck position. In short, it's a killer new take on the SG Standard, and it's only available from AMS. 

Like the best SGs of years past, the AMS SG Standard 24 starts with solid mahogany for its body and neck. The entirety is dressed in a stunning Ebony Black finish in high-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer, and enhanced by traditional trapezoidal inlays, a mother-of-pearl Gibson headstock logo inlay, no-holes chrome pickup covers, and a five-ply pickguard. A slim, fast neck profile that measures .818" at the 1st fret and rounds out to .963" at the 12th helps to make this scorching electric supremely playable, as does the 24-fret 'board that gives it its name, with each fret easily accessible thanks to the deep double-cutaway SG body. But the design integration goes further than that, and Gibson USA's choice of pickups reflects the integrity of the AMS SG Standard 24 as a whole. 

In order to allow room for the extra two frets, while keeping the neck pickup positioned in the "sweet spot", Gibson USA uses a narrower Mini-Humbucking pickup in this position. Made with a genuine Alnico V magnet, this pickup is known for its blend of creamy warmth and outstanding clarity, providing all the bite and definition you need, while giving up the thick, throaty tones you expect from a neck humbucker. The bridge position is amped up with a full-sized Tony Iommi Signature humbucking pickup for sizzling lead tones and unbridled rhythm crunch. The first-ever Signature pickup in the Gibson lineup, and the third hottest of the company's humbucker range, the Iommi is made with both ceramic and Alnico magnets for an unprecedented blend of power and warmth, and wound with fine 44 AWG wire for optimum clarity amid the firepower. Rounded off with an upgraded Pennical Tune-o-matic-styled bridge with adjustable Allan screws for saddle height and travel, and a traditional stopbar tailpiece, along with high-quality Grover kidney-button tuners and a PLEK-cut Corian nut, the AMS SG Standard 24 packs all the power, performance, and playability that today's guitarist demands, and it's only available from AMS. 

Each guitar includes a Gibson hardshell case and owner's manual, and is covered by Gibson's Limited Lifetime Warranty and 24/7/365 Customer Service. Check out your own SG Standard 24 today, and prepare to rock for the ages.

Price : $2,199 msrp


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