Limited Edition Ibanez Models Revealed for 2011

Horray for HSS lovers. Those models are pretty close the models that made just for Japanese market. Plus those are Prestige Models... They have ash bodies, HSS configuration from DiMarzio, Edge Zero tremolos etc...



neck type5pc Wizard HP Maple/Walnut neck
bodyAsh body
fretJumbo frets
bridgeEdge-Zero Tremolo bridge w/ZPS3
neck puDiMarzio® IBZ-S (S) neck pu
middle puDiMarzio® IBZ-S (S) mid pu
bridge puDiMarzio® IBZ-B (H) bridge pu
hardware colorCosmo Black
colorCW (Crimson Wine), ABT (Abyss Blue Burst)

Wonder about new Indonesians?

Here comes the RG-350MZ-RD

neck type3pc Wizard III Maple neck
bodyBasswood body
fretJumbo frets
bridgeEdge-Zero II bridge w/ZPS3Fe
neck puINF3 (H) neck pu
middle puINFS3 (S) mid pu
bridge puINF4 (H) bridge pu
hardware colorBlack
colorRD (Red)

And the lefties....


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