Guitar Seminar and Nash S-57 Demostrastion on Uludag University

Hi People,

Last wednesday i had a seminar on Uludag University, Bursa, Turkey. My topic was like  "Tone&modifications on E.Guitars and Nash S-57 Demostration along with Alen Geere Pedals". Alen Emre who is owner of Alen Geere Effect Pedals, was there to support me. We got a cool guitar showcase, too. Anyway, those are the photos;

Nash S-57 Demostration Section;


  1. Bu yorum yazar tarafından silindi.

  2. One day, You should visit the Yalova University :)

  3. I really like to be there. Its all about proper organization ;)

  4. İnşallah buralarda da olur!


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