April Issue of Sound Magazine is Out

Hi folks!

New month, new issue as always. And we have a new Guitarism, also. On april, my main topic is an article about modifications that can be applied on usual strats to improve their primary tone. I set 12 main topics for improvement of the primary (essence) tone of stratocasters or any kind of strat-type electric guitars.

Anyway, i have been invited to get a presentation at Uludag University on 27th April, 2011. My topic will be “Electric Guitar : Tone Concept and Modifications (with “NASH S-57 Demostration” addition)”. I will talk about what the hell is tone about, what does it depends on, some aspects of the tones of well known guitar forms like Strats, Teles, LPs, Superstrats etc., Modification Concepts, Pickup Modifications and Electric Guitar Pickups and introduce the mighty perfect Strat Nash S-57 Electric Guitar…

I hope you’ll like it ;)


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