March Issue of Sound Magazine

March Issue of Sound Magazine is Out

Hi there people. New issue of Sound is out now. So is new Guitarism, too. This month my main guest is mighty guitar builder, with his royal craftmanship, lord of his perfectly made "Standart" models Mr. Ian Anderson. I've known him for a few years because of my friend named Demir Uyar. He had got an excellent guitar built to him. Actually it was not love at first sight but after a while i really, really got in love with his cool "Standart" model guitars inspired from Tele and Les Paul. What a great guitar... I really wish to have a standart model by Ian Anderson someday. Anyway, it was a pleasure to get an interview with him. He mentioned about how he builds, his inspirations, his relation with Scott Lentz, some advices for guitar cleaning etc.



The other subject of this issue is Nash S-57 review. If you wonder wait for a while. Want some tips? All i can summerize is this: PERFECT STRATOCASTER :) It really really is, dudes ;) Some photos;


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