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Hi there.

I like to introduce the magazine that i'm in; SOUND Magazine.

Actually Sound Mag. is more of a music making, producing and recording magazine, not spesific to guitar and related stuff fully. But my section "Guitarism" and the one about bass guitar technologies "Bass Dairies" have a spesific way. "Guitarism" is about electric guitars, luthiers, pickups&pickup makers, pedals and all related stuff. I also write reviews, too. Needless to say but i should note that Sound Magazine is the most selling music technology magazine in TR. As you can see through this link  the circulation is 10000 and we have over 3500 subscribers including the well known producers, award winning guitar players and recoring studio owners...

The list of the guests of Guitarism;

April 2010 : Of the Swirl Finishes (Article)

May 2010 : Yuriy SHISKOV from Fender Custom Shop (Interview)

June 2010 : Basics of Electric Guitar Pickups, Theory&Applications (Article)

July 2010 : Fatih YILMAZ (Freelance Luthier from Istanbul) (Interview)

August 2010 : Lindy Fralin from Fralin Pickups (Interview)

September 2010 : Emre Alen BALKAN from Alen Geere Effects (Interview)
Seymour W. Duncan from Seymour Duncan Pickups (Interview)
Ernie Ball Music Man J. Petrucci Model (Review)

October 2010 : Steve Blucher from DiMarzio Pickups (Interview)

November 2010 : Orhan Ummetler from Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic (Interview)
Onur Kara from Necarman Pickups (Interview)

December 2010 : Luke Withfield from Rebel Relic Guitars (Interview)

January 2011 : Bill NASH from NASH GUITARS (

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