27 Ocak 2011 Perşembe

Sound Magazine and Guitarism Section of Mine

Hi there.

I like to introduce the magazine that i'm in; SOUND Magazine.

Actually Sound Mag. is more of a music making, producing and recording magazine, not spesific to guitar and related stuff fully. But my section "Guitarism" and the one about bass guitar technologies "Bass Dairies" have a spesific way. "Guitarism" is about electric guitars, luthiers, pickups&pickup makers, pedals and all related stuff. I also write reviews, too. Needless to say but i should note that Sound Magazine is the most selling music technology magazine in TR. As you can see through this link http://www.etnagrup.com.tr  the circulation is 10000 and we have over 3500 subscribers including the well known producers, award winning guitar players and recoring studio owners...

The list of the guests of Guitarism;

April 2010 : Of the Swirl Finishes (Article)

May 2010 : Yuriy SHISKOV from Fender Custom Shop (Interview)

June 2010 : Basics of Electric Guitar Pickups, Theory&Applications (Article)

July 2010 : Fatih YILMAZ (Freelance Luthier from Istanbul) (Interview)

August 2010 : Lindy Fralin from Fralin Pickups (Interview)

September 2010 : Emre Alen BALKAN from Alen Geere Effects (Interview)
Seymour W. Duncan from Seymour Duncan Pickups (Interview)
Ernie Ball Music Man J. Petrucci Model (Review)

October 2010 : Steve Blucher from DiMarzio Pickups (Interview)

November 2010 : Orhan Ummetler from Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic (Interview)
Onur Kara from Necarman Pickups (Interview)

December 2010 : Luke Withfield from Rebel Relic Guitars (Interview)

January 2011 : Bill NASH from NASH GUITARS (www.nashguitars.com(Interview)

Page Samples of GUITARISM



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