New Issue of SOUND Magazine is Out!

Hail to everyone,

February issue of SOUND Mag is out. The cover is somewhere below. As you can see the cover theme is Fender Mustangs. Actually i really dont like those Mustangs, maybe Jazzmaster and Jaguars but not Mustangs :)

Guitarism has very special guest this month; Steve Morse. For me, he always was a guitar hero. But after the interview, he has become something more, you know, he was so cool but on the other hand, he was so helpful even if he was too tired. He told me how he record guitar parts of his solo albums, story of his past and present time guitars, pickups, pickup prefereancies on songs&song parts, his personal life, his decisions and of course his lastest project named "Angelfire" with a beautiful angel, Sarah Spencer. I am not the guy who always boasts with his own doing but i must admit that this interview is smoking :)

The Cover of Angelfire

Steve and Sarah the "angel voice"

Next thing i prepared is an article about guitar frets. I mentioned about fretwires, sizes, dimensions, materials, how to choose, differences... Theory and practise study.

My issue hasnt received yet but i can see the top reviews of february; Walden Acoustic Guitars, M-Audio Fast Track Ultra USB. Plus there are special Iskender PAYDAS (he is one of the most famous and successful producers in TR) interview and Bass Diaries Section that i really wonder about.

Be good to yourself,


PS: “Thanks List” of this month;
For this great interview Steve Morse, Bill Evans, Billy James and everyone from Bill Evans Media, from Antalya the great bass guitar guy, the Master of butique basses Erdem Tekinay, for all support Serhan Yenilmez, Ozgen Sabuncu, Koray Ergunay, from Manisa Salih Vezneli, all the members of I thank you all my firends…

But there is another. I like to thank Bill Nash and everyone at NASH GUITARS. You are the one!


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