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James Tyler - Mass, Resonance and Tone

Guitars are all about vibrations and resonance. That is what produces the sound that you create the music with. In order to have the vibrations and resonance you need some sort of mass to do the vibrating and resonate. Acoustically, the string vibrates, and the wood vibrates. The vibrations of the string need to travel into the wood, and vibrations from the wood needs to travel back into string. The wood tempers and shapes the tone of the string. Think of how an all-metal Dobro sounds as compared to an all-wood acoustic. Imagine how an all-metal Les Paul would sound compared to a real-life mahogany Les Paul. You need the vibrations of the string to transmit into and cause the wood to vibrate as soon and as easily as possible. This is where electric, acoustic, and bass guitars are the same. The best-sounding acoustic guitars were built very light; thin tops, sides, and backs, thin scalloped bracing, small bridge plates, and thinner simple bridges. The lighter the better, until it falls

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