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Humbucker Modifications: Re-Animation of Ibanez V7

Humbucker Modifications: Re-Animation of Ibanez V7
Last week one of my friends wife come back from US and brought some bar magnets to me. Hence i will able to apply them on some of my projects, at last.

First of all, i was not happy with the pickups of my last “new” guitar; Charvel Model A (made in Japan, 2002) which has Seymour Duncan Livewire Metal (LWM) set. They are truely “Take No Prisoners” kindo metal humbuckers and this is not my mentality. I love versatile humbuckers; pickups that you can control, alter, rule shortly by changing the switch position, by volume knob or even by your picking intensity, you know what i mean. Those LWM set is, on the other hand, awesome if you play in a death metal , black metal, doom, stoner rock kind of band. They are hot, in-your-face, way too powerful and can cut even the densist mix. Next thing you know, they are too compressed and dark for me. So i need to swap them. But what should i pick? I had some humbuckers which has a potential from my…

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